A basecamp in the Catskills and a life on the road

I travel the country, on a back roads search-and-rescue mission to reclaim American heritage. I find the provisions, the gear, and the supplies from simpler times and bring them to market.

As a cabin-dweller of the Catskills, I focus on the pieces I use every day: cast iron, work boots, fire and wood tools, guide books, heavy canvas bags, and galvanized buckets. I source usable pieces of history that conjure images of nostalgia, adventure, and escape. Goods include sporting pieces of the great outdoors -- hunting, fishing, hiking, camping, baseball, croquet, birdwatching, riding.

I want to reach the wanderlust in you. I want to hear how you've added your history to a well-worn leather glove or a chippy enamelware camp cup.

The Ardent Forager is about un-earthing something special that you can take home and love. It's about finding your new (old) favorite thing.

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