There are different ways in which you can use a tent. However, the kind of tent matters a lot. There is a different kind so a tent with the pop-up tent being one of them. With the advancement in technology, pop up tents have been made waterproof which even makes them better. However, have you thought about the reasons as to why a pop-up tent might not be the best for you? Those who have used these types of tents will give you a few reasons as to why you should or should not choose it.

Waterproof Pop up Tent

Why You Should Choose a Pop-up Tent

When you have kids who want to camp in the back yard, a pop-up tent is great for this exercise. It is not so demanding hence cheap and easy to set up. These characteristics are good for the kids. Also due to its lack of enough security, the backyard will just be good enough for the kids rather than having them spend time in the bushes without a better tent. They are also best for festivals when you know that you will possibly get very drunk and the tent will be destroyed. Having a pop-up tent is the best because it does not cost you a lot. It is also great when you are preparing for a better tent. It will allow you to pass time and get the type that you want in future. A pop-up tent is also good for the people suffering from arthritis. For such people, putting up a normal tent is very challenging but the pop-up tent will be easy if they still want to go camping. These kinds of tents are good when you are car camping. It is also better when you have a better tent but you do not feel like setting it up. The pop-up tent is easy and efficient hence the first option to go for.

They Can Only Be Folded Up To 70 Cm

When you are packing or want to carry your tent, you want to fold it to the smallest bit possible in order to carry it easily. However, this is not the case with pop up tents. In spite of the fact that their sizes vary, most of them can only be folded up to a size of 50 centimetres which leaves them looking like giant saucer-shaped alien ships. Even carrying the tent on your arms when it is windy is very hard. It seems like the disc can be blown away and fly with you to an alien world.

Why Pop Up Tents Are Not the Best

Condensation Formation on The Inside

With the manufacture of waterproof tents, most of them are made from an unbreathable material. At night, the differences in temperature between the inside and the outside of the tents lead to a buildup of moisture that with time condenses soaking almost everything on the inside. Unlike the modern type of tents that use separate fly sheets, the pop-up tents will only give you an option of leaving the door open. However, this will jeopardize your security. Rather, you will have to deal with the bed wetting experience on the inside.

They Lack a Porch

A porch might not seem to be relevant in most cases but the rules of camping say that you should leave the dirty stuff on the outside. Otherwise, you will risk having a stinky tent with a lot of dirt. In modern tents, there is very minimal space on the outside where the rainfly covers. This means that the space that was previously available to keep the dirty and wet gear between the tent and the rainfly is no longer available. This is the case with pop up tents. You will have to carry all your dirty and wet gear to the inside of the tent otherwise you will risk having some slimy boots after a slug’s visit.


There are several reasons as to why you can choose a certain type of tent. However, the cheapest and easiest tent to set up is the pop-up tent. Everybody can be able to have it set up in the minimum time possible because it is not very demanding. It is good for use by kids in the backyard, when going for car camping and you have a better tent and when you are at a party and you are so drunk. However, the tent has no porch, condensation forms on the inside and can only be folded to a minimum of 70 cm.